How to Get Naked

1. Browse Site

Take a good look around. Make sure you like what you see. Many of the options and prices are listed within but are by no means exhaustive.

2. Make Naked Contact

Once you have an idea of what you might like, feel free to contact us. This is generally easiest by e-mail but telephone is always a good choice as well. Come and visit if you can. Be ready to provide us with very basic information in our first conversation such as:

  • Type of bike you are interested in or type of alteration or part needed.
  • Whether you are looking for a frame or a complete bike.
  • Where you are calling or e-mailing from and tell us how you would like to be replied to.
  • Your height and weight will affect certain tubing or component choices so include these basic measurements. A more thorough bike fit will be done later.

It is common to have several conversations at this point as various options are discussed. Many details may not be discussed at this point as it is impossible with a full custom bike to foresee every possible eventuality that arises during the design and construction process. We can usually give you a fairly good idea of how long it might take for your Naked bike to be ready at this point.

3. Send Deposit

The first step is to send $500 place holding deposit. This deposit is non-refundable unless you have one heck of a sob story. It is only at this point that you are assured a place in line. Once we get closer to the build date, we need to bring the deposit to roughly 50%. Our prices are fixed once 50% is payed. Frame prices don’t tend to change much. Build kits are a bit more volatile, depending on many factors. With those, when you are ready, we create a worksheet with current pricing. This quote is good for 30 days and is locked in with the 50% deposit. We use that 50% to help bring in your build kit. We attempt to never go over our initial quoted price but you may find you want items added, removed or changed in the process so that actual final price tends to fluctuate somewhat. We are always up-front with what the price is so there are no unexpected costs for you.  Below are a couple ways of sending in your deposit.

Internet: Canadian customers can use the Interac function through their online banking. This is quick and easy.  You only need to know our e-mail address and password that both of us agree on.  Paypal is option as well as for International customers.

By Mail: Mail is still the most popular method for most of our customers. Either a cheque or money order made out to “Naked Bicycles” and mailed to:

Naked Bicycles and Design
PO Box 135
Heriot Bay, BC

The 50% deposit is non-refundable once Sam cuts the first tube or we order any parts we don’t normally have in stock.

Frame Deposit:

$500.00Add to cart

4. Send Fitting Information

You also need to send us a completed order form with all information relevant to your project. The information we need depends on how much has already been decided in previous conversations. See the order form page for details. Once you have filled out the forms carefully, check any measurements again as an error can have a drastic effect on how your Naked bike turns out. The forms can be e-mailed or mailed in with your deposit.

Download the Bike Fit Form by clicking here.

5. Send Components

At this time we also need any special components you may already have and want to be specially fitted to your new frame. This is often not needed with standard components, but is always a good idea to ensure compatibility.

6. Wait

Good things take time. Have patience. Think of it like Christmas or your birthday. Once we have your deposit and all sizing and component information, we can order any parts we don’t have already and design your custom bike based on all the parameters you have provided. At this time we usually have a good idea of when your bike will be ready.  How long a bike takes to build usually depends on:

Most standard bikes can be delivered within 18 months of the first payment. Sometimes less and sometimes more. Most repairs or alterations are done much faster than this while special projects can take quite a bit longer. Rush deliveries are possible but can cost you quite a bit extra to cover courier costs and our late nights so we don’t delay our other customers. We may contact you several times in this process to update the progress of your bike and make any necessary changes to the plan. During this time we usually finalize paint choices and arrange for final payment and expected delivery time.

7. Send Final Payment

Just as we are finishing your new bike, we will send you a bill for the final amount to be paid. Under most circumstances we must have this paid before we ship the bike to you. Options for payment are the same as for paying the deposits.  You can also pay us in person and pick up your completed bike at the same time.

8. Get Naked

Once we have finished your frame, complete bicycle or alteration, it is ready for pick-up or delivery. We can ship by a variety of methods including Canada Post, Greyhound Courier Express, DHL, UPS, Purolator, CanPar or Locher-Evers International. We will ship by the safest and most economical means available to your area.  You are responsible for shipping costs as well as a small packing fee (usually $10-20) mostly to cover our time and cost of packing materials. You are certainly welcome to make the trip out to Quadra Island and pick up your bike. We can go over everything with you at that time and have a cup of tea, a glass of beer or go for a ride.

9. Ride Naked!

The best part! This is the final reward for all of us.  We build bikes because we want you to ride them. We want to see a big smile. If you’re happy, we’re happy. Send us your feedback. Send us any Naked pictures as well. Pictures of Naked bikes and Naked customers that is, not customers who happen to be naked! That’s a different website.