The Greenmachine – A Cargo Bike Story

June 19th, 2010

Recently we were presented with a challenging task. To build a truck bike that could haul gear, groceries, tools and kids AND still be able to ride efficiently, smoothly and relatively quickly.  After many hours of discussion and design, this is what we came up with.  This bike features custom front rack and built in rear rack,  custom double kickstand, Rohloff hub, front generator hub, mounts for the Stokemonkey electric assist and it’s battery and console, as well as many other mounts and braze-ons for various purposes.  The Stokemonkey provides up to 500 Watts of power.

This bike has garnered lots of attention on the streets of Vancouver.  But most importantly here’s what the rider has to say:

“The ride home went really well.  I was at Rathtrevor Park by 1:30, so I just kept going all the way home and made it to the 5:00 ferry.  My elder daughter had a school performance friday morning, so I thought it would be good to be back early and see that.
The battery performed really well.  I used it fairly liberaly on the uphills and I made it past Parksville, about 130km or so before the power diminished (I did the last 30 km to Departure without the motor).  As the charge wanes, there are less watts, therefore less push from the battery.  For example, going uphill on a fresh charge, a full throttle gives me 500 to 700 watts.
But towards the end of the battery charge full throttle gives 100 or 150 watts, which doesn’t feel like much.
I was quite amazed at how fast it went down hill, and it did really run nice under my own power.  I did 200km in total over 9 hours.  I was able to charge the batttery on the ferry for the last 40 km home….”

Hopefully the rides ahead for Jiri are as good or better.