New Womens Record!

September 16th, 2009

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Women’s record SMASHED!!!

Tonight was all Barbara. Under perfect conditions Barbara Bautois riding the Varna Diablo III raised the bar to an astonishing 72.53 mph!

This an amazing increase of 6 mph over Lisa Vetterlein’s previous record of 66.59. This makes Barbara the 6th fastest human of all time. Amazing. The Only increase greater than this Was when Andrea Blaseckie improved her OWN record by more than 11mph in 2002!!

I had some trouble with the dreaded tire smell and shut down my attempt with 1000m to go. My run  was also the only one with illegal winds. No matter, all is not lost as we should have some good footage from inside the bike to show later.

Tonight’s Runs:

Sam Whittingham, Tempest 78.58 (illegal winds, rubbing tire)

Fred Markham, Mephisto II 73.79

Barbara Bautois, Diablo III 72.53 mph WORLD RECORD!!!!

Yannick Lutz, Altair II 70.67 mph

Eric Ware, Wedge 68.9 mph

Barclay Henry, 63.96mph

Larry lem, 61.5 mph

Ron Layman, 59.37

James Schroeder, 58,20 mph

Bobby Erman, 55.35 mph

Greg Westlake, DNF (flat tire) short run-up making attempt at hand powered record. Go Greg!!!

Please check for updates here all week for the latest news. Official results and pictures will be available from The Wisil site.