Naked in Iceland

This is from Naked bike owner Simon who just finished an epic ride in Iceland on his Naked X.

“Hello Andrea, Sam and Dave,
I’m in Iceland now and taking a first day off the bike in 15.  I’ve stopped at a remote cultural center/hostel (Freezer in Rif) to take a shower thought it’s time to let you know how laughalot the bike is holding out.  In a word, Fanfuckingtastic!  I had a minor issue with di2 on day one of the BCEpic.  A wire came undone.  We finished the Epic a day ahead of my plan. 
She is more and more battle scarred and apart from a non-sealable flat, has not given an iota of problem. I’ve topped 80km on gravel downhills fully loaded with only the slightest shimmy.  Did I say loaded no hands is not a problem.  All a testement to her geometry.  At day 15, we’ve covered 1200km of all manner of roads, trails, and climatic conditions including 5 days of relentless headwinds gusting to 80k.  And then there was that 40km day across a service road of loose babyhead plus gravel.  Up and down with 30% hike a bike  We circumnavigated Hekla that is overdue to blow by about 6 years(On a ten year cycle) I’m loving it.  In a week we head to the Faroe islands.  Thanks for all.  Oh yeah she turns a lot of heads.” – Simon