7th Annual Quadra Island New Year’s Eve Bike Ride

December 19th, 2017





An epic, all day, all surface bike ride through the lanes and thickets and mountain passes of Quadra Island. Ride choices from ridiculous expert level expedition to mellow cafe crawl. Lots of food and libation to keep your furnace stoked. Dinner and after party to follow. Midnight swim anyone?
Quadra Island New Year’s Eve Epic Cyclocross Ride

REGISTRATION: https://goo.gl/forms/s7CwPqmp2HR85ZAt2

RIDE: Dec 31st, 8:15 am – 120km Main Ride @ Quadra Community Centre – 970 West Road
Many other ride-options available! See FAQs below

APRES RIDE: Dec 31st, 4:30 pm @ Quadra Community Centre

DINNER: Dec 31st, 6 pm @ Quadra Community Centre

PARTY: Quadra’s happening on New Year’s Eve! After the ride & dinner, you can…
Join the traditional beach part at Taku – 616 Taku Rd
Enjoy DJ Nick Lawrence at the Heriot Bay Inn (HBI)
Music and dancing at the Legion, also in Heriot Bay

Taku Resort: http://takuresort.com/ – special event rates on rooms and camping!

Heriot Bay Inn: http://heriotbayinn.com/ – 250 285 3322

Other options: http://www.quadraisland.ca/accommodation/index.html#.WjHZBhOPLyw

Couch-Surfing: Call a friend!

EVENT COST: $20 per person or $45 per family – Pay on day of event.

DINNER COST: Donation or bring a potluck item
Do I need to register?
Yes!! We’ve got room for roughly 150 riders, so please make sure to register here. It’ll let us know how many hungry riders we’ll need to feed and water!

Where can I get more info?
As the ride draws closer, watch for updates on the Facebook event page and on Naked Bicycles’ page. The most important thing is to show up ready to ride at the Quadra Island Community Centre at 815am on New Year’s Eve Day. If you’re on the 7:30AM ferry, you’ll be fine. We’ll also keep updating this document as we gather more details.

Will you actually be hunting boar?
Yes…if by ‘hunting boar’ you mean ‘chasing Sam Whittingham’ for 120+km on road, gravel and trail!

When is it?
New Year’s Eve, at the break of dawn. We locals interpret that to be 8:15 am!

The ‘Epic’ 120km ride usually wraps around 4:30pm, with riders trickling in throughout the day for the after party! There are later start times and other route distances and options leaving from the Community Centre – less ‘gamey’ options include 25, 50, 75 100 km routes on road, with gravel and trail segments optional. You choose!

Are there other ride options?
Typically, Jack Mar leads an epic ride north, that is 100km and leaves at the same time as Sam’s ride. This ride is not for the faint-of-heart!

Other riders leave for 75km, 50km and 25km rides through the day – this year also from the community centre. We’ll add more information here as these rides emerge and evolve. Quadra is a great place to explore and ride – you can also grab a map and see where things take you.

Who’s it for?
Everyone – we just can’t say that enough! Like our amazing Cross on the Rock series, we want this to be fun, inclusive, challenging and EPIC for everyone!
Have a family? Make it a family weekend! And, for non-riding kids, we have loosely coordinated child care available.

Is there child care available?
Yep! If you have kids who need watching, get in touch with Dave and Hayley Lounsbury – they’ve graciously volunteered to take point on coordinating this for parents with younger kids. Email them at dsalmonbury@gmail.com for more details.

What should I do if I get into trouble?
Cell-coverage is spotty on Quadra Island, especially when we head north. Make sure you’re well prepared for tough conditions on the road. Bring tools, tubes and a pump! Also, make sure you stay with someone who knows where they’re going! Where there is cell coverage, 911 service is available.

In past years, our awesome local vendors have made sure to stay open so that there are snacks and coffee available on the south end. Note, there really isn’t anything on the northern half of this adventure! Here are some of the highlights we’ve enjoyed in past years…

Quadra Island Community Centre – Open all day to riders to catch some relief from the cold.
Sag Wagon & Pick up – Broken Bike, minor injury and/or lost
Island Cycle (250 285 3627) Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Snacks, Pizza
Tsakwaluten (250 285 2042) Coffee and Hot Choc. & Snacks – 12am til 4 pm
Landing Pub (250 285 2701) Coffee & Hot Chocolate & Snacks 12 pm – 4:30 pm
Stone House, Hot Showers & Laundry at Taku Campsite, Wash House (Coin operated, 2 Loonies)

What about accommodations?
Stay onsite at the amazing Taku Resort! Discounted rates for riders, assorted rooms and camping options available. Book soon, space is limited!

You may also have a chat with some of your Quadra friends – it’s amazing how much couch-space a brew will buy! You know who we are!

What to bring for the ride?
Your bike!! CX or MTB if you’re joining the full gravel epic. A CX bike is definitely the weapon of choice. A road bike will most likely be OK on some of the southern routes.
FUEL for the ride! We’ll be out ALL DAY in the cold. The first half of the day will be out in the wild, wild northern regions of Quadra Island! There’ll be a rest stop with hot chocolate, but not until the afternoon.
LIGHTS + WARM GEAR – last year was CRAZY cold, wet and dark! Bring lots of layers!
If the weather’s particularly bad, bring a light pack with some dry gear to the starting line and we’ll try to get it to a midpoint along the ride.

Bring for the after party:
A change of warm clothes, your favorite camping cup for beer and refreshments!
Coins for the showers at Taku’s campground, if you don’t have a room rented.

What kind of riding conditions can I expect?
We’ve had everything from snow, rain and beautiful sunshine in past years. Regardless, we’ll be on our bikes doing something epic! Make sure you’ve got warm clothes and the right set of tyres!

Is there an after party?
Silly question – Of course! This year, we’re starting and ending at the Community Centre, which is different than past years. We’ll have dinner together at the Community Centre starting around 4:30-5:00pm! Bring a donation or a dish to contribute to the potluck – there will be lots of really good food!
After dinner, there are lots of options. We’ll be doing the traditional beach-fire, fireworks,and a berserker polar bear swim at midnight at Taku Resort in Heriot Bay.
For those of you looking for music and dancing, both the Heriot Bay Inn (HBI) and the Quadra Island Legion will be hosting parties as well – they’re all within walking distance of Taku.

What is the cost?
$20 per person or $45 per family for the event. This helps cover event insurance and logisticts.

The dinner is by donation – chip in some money or bring a dish! We’ll be having some catered food as well as potluck dishes provided by some of finest island chefs.

Sponsored by the Quadra Island Cycling Coalition Presented by: Study Build, Island Cycle, Naked Bicycles & Design, Taku Resort Supported by: Beach Fire Brewery, Aroma Coffee Roasters, Tsakwaluten Lodge, Aroma Cafe, Papa Murphy’s Pizza